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These are a few pictures of the 12 Square Foot Gardens I built on my farm. Mel Bartholomew, Square Foot Gardening 2nd Edition is adamant about the mix for success, among other things at least 5 kinds of compost. One I chose had to be worm castings. I found my best source was Kaleidoscope Farm. Charlotte and Greg were so helpful and informative. We even went and toured their facility! The results of mix is obvious and the added benefits in these hot Texas summers is moisture retention that worm castings provide.

I have tried many times to grow tomatoes; this is my first time to actually succeed. I bought one plant, and with potting soil and Kaleidoscope Farm’s worm castings, I was able to produce 7 tomatoes that were delicious.

Betty E

Paris TX

I planted four rows of potatoes, two with Kaleidoscope Farm’s worm castings and two without. The rows with castings each produced 60# of potatoes, and the rows without only produced 40# each. Kaleidoscope Farm’s worm castings really work!


Boswell Ok