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What Are Castings?

Castings are the waste product from earthworms.  They provide a rich, organic fertilizer along with an amazing diversity of microbial life that guarantees the creation of healthier plants. In addition castings make it easier for plants to retain water and use oxygen.  The net result is excellent plant growth both above and below ground.

What Makes Up Castings?

Castings contain thousands of beneficial microorganisms that include Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, and Nematodes. These microorganisms are the building blocks of a healthy soil and a healthy plant. Castings
also contain plant growth regulators to encourage root growth and enzymes that are a natural insect

Are Castings Safe Around Children And Pets?

YES! Casting will not harm your children or pets. Castings are all natural and non toxic.  There is no odor with castings which makes them great for household use.

Will Castings Burn My Plants?

Castings can NOT burn your plants in any concentration. They have a slow time-release that allows the
plant to absorb the nutrients needed without over stimulating the plant. At the same time, they will not
run off and leach into the water table.

Are Castings Easy To Use?

Yes, you can top dress existing plants, you can incorporate castings into the soil when you plant, or you
can make a worm tea and apply it to your plants.

How Do Castings Improve The Soil?

The miniature football shape of castings improve aeration of the soil as they don’t pack together. This
allows roots the ability to grow fast and fibrous which promotes rapid plant growth. It also allows for
excellent drainage in soil so roots don’t become waterlogged or develop root rot. While improving
aeration, castings also increase the soil’s water retention capacity as they contain absorbent organic
matter that holds only the necessary amounts of water needed by the roots, while their shape allows
unnecessary water to easily drain.

What Is Casting Tea And How Can I Use It?

Non Aerated Worm Casting Tea – Soak 1 part Earthworm Castings in 3 parts water for 12 -24 hours.  Stir
well and water as usual.  Casting Tea can also be used on any plant (Castings themselves can never over fertilize a plant even if used as the only soil medium). The left over castings will still be an excellent source of nutrition for your plants so be sure to use them as well.

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