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Due to a recent fire we have had to close our doors and suspend all operations. We would like to thank you for doing business with us and with you all the best in the future.

So...What the Heck are Worm Castings?

Good question! Worm casts are the end product from the digestive breakdown of organic matter by earthworms. Unlike man-made fertilizers which can burn your plants and may not be safe for the environment, casts are odorless, and safe. They contain nutrients vital for plant growth and release their benefits over time.

Nature's Perfect Organic Fertilizer

Worm castings are alive with bacteria and other organisms pulling nutrients from the air – making earthworm castings one of the most highly sought after organic fertilizers.

As worms consume organic substances they excrete tiny pellets: worm castings. Organic gardeners prefer this to natural fertilizer because it balances the soil’s PH and helps retain moisture. Worm castings have 5-11 times more nitrogen, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, potash, and magnesium than top soil along with many other trace elements and micro-nutrients. Earthworms digest organic matter in soil changing it into a concentrated and easily absorbed form.

Our castings are packaged in various size bags for your convenience. Contact us for pricing and distributors in your area. Organic & Locally Produced Worms & Worm Casting Products Are Our Specialty.

Call us at (903) 491-3957 to locate a distributor in your area.
I have tried many times to grow tomatoes; this is my first time to actually succeed. I bought one plant, and with potting soil and Kaleidoscope Farm’s worm castings, I was able to produce 7 tomatoes that were delicious. Betty E

Paris TX

I planted four rows of potatoes, two with Kaleidoscope Farm’s worm castings and two without. The rows with castings each produced 60# of potatoes, and the rows without only produced 40# each. Kaleidoscope Farm’s worm castings really work! Tracy

Boswell OK